• The Office of Payroll Services oversees employee timesheets, paycheck processing, tax withholding, and assists units in adhering to policies and procedures of the university.

  • What We Do

    We provide payroll services to the Rutgers University community via RIAS (Rutgers Integrated Administrative System) and Banner systems. Banner is used by legacy UMDNJ units at Rutgers. Until the two payroll systems are merged into one, employees will continue to use RIAS or Banner portal systems.

    We are a dedicated team of professionals committed to:

    • processing your time worked to produce your pay;
    • remitting your tax and other withholdings;
    • issuing your year-end W-2 form.

    We will also:

    • ensure compliance with payroll and taxation issues;
    • be receptive and responsive to employees' and other departments' needs;
    • continue to explore and implement process improvements;
    • facilitate communication with faculty, staff, and students;
    • always respect and safeguard the privacy of your personal information;
    • be consistent in our application of policies and procedures with all employees.