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Office of Payroll Services

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
33 Knightsbridge Road
First Floor West, Room B112
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Payroll Questions

For specific payroll questions, please contact us at the phone number listed below.

Salary Payroll: (848) 445-2113
Time and Labor: (848) 445-2112

Payroll Function Questions Concerning Contact
Hourly Payroll Awards
Direct Deposit
Escheat Checks
Incorrect Hours
Lost Checks
Tax Withholding
(848) 445-2112
Hourly Payments Overpayments
(848) 445-2112
Salary Payroll Awards
Commitment Accounting
Contract Pay
Mass Transit
Sick Leave Payouts
Tax Withholding
Union Dues
Wage Garnishments
(848) 445-2113
Salary Payments Overpayments
W-2 Detail Explanations
W-2 Cs
(848) 445-2113
Lag Pay Incorrect Hours
Payout Calculation
System Error
W-2 Issues
(848) 445-8165
(848) 445-2436
Time Overtime
Sick Time
(848) 445-2112
W-2 Missing W-2s
Unable to access W-2
W-2 Reissues
(848) 445-2112